Strengthen Your Listing to get More Response

Listing your items on our site is extremely easy and Free.  But how ever, you still have an option to Strengthen your Listing by adding Premium Features to it. It gives you considerably increased response by more than 500%, Our prices are very reasonable and Competetive.

(contact us if you need any additional information. Please register to use our site more efficiently. Our Registration Process is very Simple and Short, No need to fill a huge list of details)

Basic Plan (Default)

Each listing gives you the ability to post it for free up to 1 Month Duration and display up to 04 photos. Happy listing!

If you upgrade your existing listing, you will get the full validity of your listing again.

Classified Premium Features

Your Listing will be displayed in all the Premium zones of the Website
Your Listing will be highlighted in Bold Characters So that it will have more scope of Visibility
Ad will be shown on the top of all other listings in the respective category
Will allow you to add more than 4 photos to your listings